Accepted Papers of TASE 2014

Regular Papers:

09 Ou Wei and Juanjuan Chen. Mixed Simulation of Multi-valued Models
46 Zhuobing Han, Xiaohong Li, Ruitao Feng, Jing Hu, Guangquan Xu and Zhiyong Feng. A Three-Dimensional Model for Software Security Evaluaion
29 Jinjiang Lei, Zhong Shao and Zongyan Qiu. Trace-Based Temporal Verification for Message-Passing Programs
56 Haozhong Zhang and Yu Guo. Formal Verification of Interrupt Injection in a Hypervisor
73 Yao Liu, Zhenhua Duan and Cong Tian. An improved recursive algorithm for parity games
01 Lunjin Lu. Parametrizing Program Analysis
10 Richard Banach. Contemplating the Addition of Stochastic Behaviour to Hybrid Event-B
36 Bing Tang and Mingdong Tang. Bayesian Model-based Prediction of Service Level Agreement Violations for Cloud Services
61 Yu Guo and Haozhong Zhang. Verifying Preemptive Kernel Code with Preemption Control Support
16 Wanwei Liu, Xiaoguang Mao, Geguang Pu and Rui Wang. Combining Syntactic and Semantic Encoding for LTL Bounded Model Checking
19 Nils Timm. Spotlight Abstraction with Shade Clustering -- Automatic Verification of Parameterised Systems
31 Wen Zeng and Maciej Koutny. Data Resources in Dynamic Environment
39 Carolina Dania and Manuel Clavel. Modeling Social Networking Privacy
65 Jianmin Jiang, Huibiao Zhu, Qin Li, Shi Zhang, Ping Gong and Zhong Hong. Configuration of Services based on Virtualization
82 Xinrui Guo, Xiaoyu Song, William Hung, Ming Gu and Jiaguang Sun. Fault Diagnosis with Partially Reliable Test Results using Demspter-Shafer Theory
20 Ka I Pun, Martin Steffen and Volker Stolz. Behaviour inference for deadlock checking
42 Ran Qinwen, Xi Wu, Xin Li, Jianqi Shi, Jian Guo and Huibiao Zhu. Modeling and Verifying the TTCAN Protocol Using Timed CSP
50 Bei Cheng and Dehui Du. Towards a Stochastic Occurrence-Based Modeling Approach for Stochastic CPSs
58 Han Liu, Hehua Zhang, Xiaoyu Song, Ming Gu and Jiaguang Sun. iDola: Bridge Modeling to Verification and Implementation of Interrupt-driven Systems
76 Nan Zong and Chunfu Jia. Branch Obfuscation Using "Black Boxes"

Short Papers:

08 Chen Li, Linpeng Huang, Luxi Chen and Xiwen Wu. An Approach to Modelling and Evaluating AGG Based Reliable Software Systems
48 A.Jalil Boudjadar, Alexandre David, Jin Hyun Kim, Kim Guldstrand Larsen, Marius Mikuńćionis, Ulrik Nyman and Arne Skou. Degree of Schedulability of Mixed-Criticality Real-time Systems with Probabilistic Sporadic Tasks
51 Yuanrui Zhang, Frederic Mallet and Yixiang Chen. Timed Automata Semantics of Spatio-Temporal Consistency Language STeC
64 Li Weishi and Mao Xiaoguang. Alleviating the impact of Coincidental Correctness on the effectiveness of SFL by Clustering Test Cases
04 Qin Li and Graeme Smith. A formal design strategy for self-organising systems
28 Hongli Yang, Kai Ma, Jin Wang, Jun Yan, Jian Zhang and Shengchao Qin. Choreography Scenario-based Test Data Generation using a Combinatorial Approach
49 Han Liu, Hehua Zhang, Xiaoyu Song, Ming Gu and Jiaguang Sun. Application-specific Architecture Selection for Embedded Systems via Schedulability Analysis
35 Yongqi Ge, Yunwei Dong and Hongbin Zhao. Energy-efficient Task Scheduling and Task Energy Consumption Analysis for Real-time Embedded Systems