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NUDT made Significant Breakthrough in the Field of Dense Positron Research
Updated:2016-12-27 11:36:13  Clicks:33037

    The laser plasma research team from the physics department in the College of Science at NUDT proposed a new laser collider program based on the interaction between ultra-intense laser and plasma after years of technical research. This research result has been published in "Nature Communications", which is the subordinate academic serial of “Nature”. It is also the first paper in the area of high field quantum electrodynamics in China that has been included in the subordinate serials of “Nature”,and this indicates the laser plasma research at NUDT has achieved world-class level. At present, this research team is working with the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory, University of Strathclyde, China Academy of Engineering Physics and Shanghai Jiaotong University to explore the feasibility of a joint experiment.

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