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NUDT Developed China's First Smart Security Service Robot
Updated:2016-5-3 8:25:57  Clicks:30823

China’s first smart security service robot with a integration of security and intelligence services, "AnBot", was unveiled at the 12th Chongqing Hi-Tech Fair. Experts pointed out that this technology developed by NUDT has made breakthroughs in some key technologies, such as low cost autonomous navigation and positioning and  intelligent video analyzing. The design concept of “security + service” and the original function of "real-time disposal" have great impact on improving national public security and the capability of antiterrorism and riot control.

The shape of AnBot is similar to Matryoshka, with a height of 1.49 m, a weight of 78 kg, and a girdle diameter of 0.8 m. The maximum travel speed of AnBot is 18 km per hour, and 1 kilometer per hour when patrolling. It is equipped with intelligent systems and sensors which function as the human brain, eyes and ears. It  also integrates many advanced technologies, for instance, maps synchronization and positioning, dynamic route planning, deep learning intelligent brain, intelligent video analyzing, etc. Therefore, functions of AnBot include independent patrolling, intelligent monitoring probing, remote  riot-control, sound-light alarm, identity recognition, self-charging and so forth. The battery life of AnBot is 8 hours. When the power is low, it can find the nearby charging pile to recharge automatically. Moreover, AnBot can also use the "Tianhe" supercomputer to establish a huge robot cloud service center, and provide safety early warning analysis and big data services for public security and construction of smart city. AnBot is on trial at NUDT, Changsha Huanghua Airport, Changsha Museum, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, and has received their praise.

NUDT is one of China's first robot technology research groups, and has successfully developed China's first two-legged walking robot, the first humanoid robot, and multi-type ground intelligent robot. During the process of developing intelligent security service robot, NUDT followed the thought of "low-cost hardware + high-performance software", and achieved a series of technological leapfrogging in terms of robot operating system, environment detecting, intelligent control and mission planning.

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