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Publication by NUDT staff ranks top 100 in CHINA READING WEEKLY
Updated:2014-1-3 15:33:14  Clicks:27403

Recently, a publication named 'Brain Supremacy-the Warfare Principals and National Security Strategies in the era of Global Media' was selected as one of the top 100 best books in 2013 by CHINA READING WEEKLY, and ranks 90th in the list. This book was written by Pro.ZENG Huafeng, Dean of College of Humanities and Social Sciences and Dr.SHI Haiming, NUDT. This is the first time for a publication majoring in humanities and social sciences was honored such an award.

The panel of judges agrees that related issues of warfare and national security affairs were presented and discussed in this book, in which a concept of 'Brain Supremacy' was proposed. Therefore,creative effects will brought to the deployment of national stratedgy plans according to this book in future.   

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