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The First Meeting of Future Computing Held at NUDT
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Hosted by China Computer Federation, organized by the College of Computer of NUDT, and sponsored by the National Natural Science Foundation of China, the first meeting of future computer was successfully held at NUDT, from 17th to 18th June. This was an international academic meeting on the frontier and future development of computer science, mainly with the world’s Chinese scientists and foreign scholars focusing on the frontier and future development of computer science. Eight wonderful invited lectures were arranged, involving the future system research, the new generation of high performance computing, the continuous computing, the cloud services, and so on. Six thematic seminars on the high performance computing, the network computing, the intelligent computing, the dependable computing, the computer science education and cross-fields science research, the embedded system technology development and application, were organized, which offered a good academic communication flat to the computer scientists and young scholars.

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