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NUDT Professor’s Book Awarded
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From Special Theory of Relativity to Standard Space-Time Theory, a monograph written by Professor Tan Shusheng, was selected as one of the "Three One-hundreds" original publications by the General Administration of Press and Publications.

Professor Tan’s standard space-time theory adopts different preconditions and assumptions from Einstein’s theory of relativity. In standard space-time theory, the principles of relativity and the constancy of light velocity in Einstein’s theory of relativity are replaced by the principles of absolute reference systems and the constancy of return-circuit average light velocity. This enables subluminal motion and superluminal motion to be combined together directly, culminating in a standard space-time theory with kinematics and dynamics different from that of the special theory of relativity. This establishes the standard space-time theory electrodynamics system, and provides a more suitable space-time framework for the understanding and description of the physical world and natural phenomena.

Famous scientists and physicists at home and abroad such as Qian Xuesen, Bernard d'Espagnat, John Stewart Bell, along with the journal Nature, thought highly of Professor Tan’s work.

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