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NUDT developed the life detector with Hunan Fire Brigade
Updated:2009-11-29 16:38:00  Clicks:14184

September 2, 2009 saw the successful development of the police ultra-bandwidth life detector by NUDT and Hunan Fire Brigade, which applies the ultra-bandwidth technology and helps to the quick search and precise location of life entities, capable of accurate detection of human body's limb movements, heart beating, and breathing in a range of 20 meters.

It has been one of technical difficulties in disaster relief how to locate people buried beneath debris and concrete ruins and save the lives of disaster-stricken people. When the earthquake happened in Wenchuan, Sichuan Province last year, the firefighters in Hunan Province went there with the search and rescue equipment and played great roles in the disaster relief.

“It is the audio life detector that we used in Sichuan last year,” Jiang Aibing, Head of Squadron No.1 of Special Service in Fire Brigade, Changsha, said. However, the audio life detector suffers greatly from the restrictions of circumstances and functions poorly in the noisy environment. On the other hand, the widely-used video life detector can only reach 2 meters. “Both audio and video life detectors place high requirements on environment, but the police ultra-bandwidth life detector developed by NUDT and Hunan Fire Brigade is much better,” Jiang said, “it can reach 20 meters and is quite advanced with scanning and imaging.”

The prototype design of the new life detector has been completed and expected to be applied in field disaster relief early in 2010 once the prototype passes the experiment and test.

Ultra-Bandwidth Life Detector

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