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Institute of Network and Information Security Overview
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The Institute of Network and Information Security was established in 1999. It specializes in the research of network technology and information security and the education of our students. The Institute has assembled an exceptional research team which includes a member of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, 12 professors/researchers, 28 associate professors/researchers, eight PhD supervisors, 24 Master degree supervisors and 72 PhD degree holders.

The Institute has five research sections (Network and Communication Hardware; Network and Communication Software; Network Application; Network Middleware; and, Information Security), two 211 Laboratories (Network and Distributed Computing Technology; and Simulation and Human-computer Interaction) and one Hunan Province key laboratory for High-Performance Network Communications. Its main research areas are Computer Networks and Communication; Software Middleware and Applications; Information Security; and, Space Network Technology.


In computer networks and communication, the Institute has mainly conducted research in high-performance network devices; security network protocols; and, network management. It has completed over 60 research projects, and won a second prize for National Science and Technology Progress; and, five first and six second prizes for Ministerial Science and Technology Progress. The success of the Yinhe Pier 9108 core router in 2001, and the IPv6 router with an exchange capacity above 10 billion bits in 2003 were Institute projects. The Institute has taken the lead in China in the areas of network devices architecture, ultra-high-speed network interfaces, high-bandwidth exchange networks, efficient network protocols, network management and other areas.

The Institute has also conducted research in network middleware and large-scale distributed processing technology, and network application systems. It has completed over 50 national research projects, won the second prize for National Science and Technology Progress, three first and five second prizes for Ministerial Science and Technology Progress. Its software, Star Middleware, had produced significant social and economic benefits with its application in some major industries.

The Institute has mainly conducted research in network monitoring; security prevention; security routers; and network defense technology. It has achieved growth in the fields of high-speed internet access to information; network intrusion detection; early warning; disaster recovery; information security; data mining and other areas.

In the area of space network technology and application, the Institute has conducted major research in: navigation and positioning information processing systems; space-oriented wireless network communication technology; space-based routing and switching; and the theory and approaches of space information attack and defense systems. It has won the second prize for National Science and Technology Progress, and has taken lead in China in the area of ground information processing of navigation and positioning.

Research and Teaching Environment

The Institute has put considerable financial and material resources into developing research and teaching. Since 2005 it has invested more than 20 million yuan while establishing a first-class research laboratory facilities, equipping it with network security test instruments, and software development and testing environments.

Nurturing Talent

The Institute emphasizes nurturing our talented students and has developed a joint supervisory panel for its three research areas so that graduate students may choose to study in the area of their interest. The institute has research projects such as National Natural Science Foundation projects, national key fundamental research projects, National 863 Plan (National Advanced Technological and Research Plan) projects, and model engineering projects for national major application.


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