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Institute of Software
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The Institute of Software is supported by the National Natural Science Foundation, National 863 Plan and other national major science and technology programs. It has conducted research in the fields of:

·       Infrastructure Software of Operating Systems;

·       Databases;

·       High-performance Computing Applications;

·       Parallel Simulation;

·       Parallel Visualization.

It has made significant research achievements and played a major role in the development of the national economy in a number of ways, including:

(1) High-security domestic operating system

By adapting structure design and structural protection the Institute has provided secure resource allocation and isolation to the basic core layer. The Yinhe Kylin operating system, which has the highest level of security in China, has won two first prizes for Ministerial Scientific and Technological Progress, and been used by local organizations such as the Shaanxi Branch of China Construction Bank and North China Electric Power Company. It has been exported to 75 countries and regions including Africa and Asia and South America.

(2) Virtualization technology for independent intellectual property

Using virtual machine technology, the Institute has designed efficient virtual machine monitors to realize multi-domain security isolation and rapid recovery. This has occurred through four National 863 Plan projects and one key project of the National Natural Science Foundation and will be utilized in the next generation of Lenovo computers.

(3) Mass information parallel database

Long engaged in database technology research, the Institute has made breakthroughs in key technologies such as large-scale data storage and management, parallel high-speed real-time loading of mass data, parallel query optimization and real-time analysis of mass data. These have been successfully applied in high-end fault-tolerant computer projects.

(4) Yinhe simulation software and systems

The successful development of the Yinhe Series Simulator System filled a gap in simulation software in China. Yinhe I and Yinhe II simulation computers won first prizes for National Scientific and Technological Progress. The Yinhe super-mini simulation computer won the third prize for National Scientific and Technological Progress. The YH-AStar high-performance real-time semi-physical simulation platform won the second prize for Ministerial Scientific and Technological Progress and the bronze prize in the 14th National Invention Exhibition.  The Institute has successfully developed the Yinhe High Performance Distributed Simulation System, which follows the HLA1.3 standard, and the hierarchical RTI StarLink, which follows IEEE1516 standard, made breakthroughs in RTI’s efficiency bottleneck in large-scale simulation. They respectively won the first prize for Ministerial Scientific and Technological Progress and the first prize from the Chinese Universities Science and Technology Award Committee.

(5) Parallel Visualization System

The Institute has successfully developed a high-performance parallel and distributed visual computing platform, which addresses the needs of parallel processing, visual feature extraction, parallel rendering and the display of mass data. This platform won the second prize for Ministerial Scientific and Technological Progress.

(6) High-performance computer applications for environmental protection

The Institute has carried out inter-disciplinary research in the following three areas: numerical weather forecasting; ocean environment simulation; and high-performance computing application to environments. Our research efforts have achieved high-resolution global spectral models for medium-term numerical weather forecasting; four-dimensional variation assimilation system for meteorological data; air-sea coupled numerical forecast system; Meteorological Application Grid in China; monitoring and management of numerical weather forecast processes; and high-performance computing portals. Some of these achievements have been widely applied including use by the National Weather Service.


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