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Department of Computer Science and Technology
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Established in 1999, the Department of Computer Science and Technology, is primarily responsible for the instruction in the areas of computer science and public computer courses. It also does basic research and relevant national research projects.

Consisting of 18 professors, 21 associate professors and 21 PhD degree holders, this Department is remarkable in the area of team development. Since 2005 disciplinary and academic leaders have emerged in the Department. These include: a National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars winner; two members of the MOE’s New Century Excellent Researcher Award Program; a special government allowance winner; and one winner of the China Top Ten Outstanding Mother. In 2007, the teaching team of the Computer Science Program courses was rated as the only one of the first national teaching teams among China’s computer science teaching teams.

The Department’s talent development program has produced a large number of exceptional students. Constantly alert to the latest developments in the world, the Department constantly reforms its teaching techniques. It sends teachers to world-class universities to learn new teaching methods and it establishes curriculum development teams to follow outstanding education programs and adopt textbooks.

The Department has:

·         Developed an integrated curriculum combining undergraduates, Master degree and PhD candidates; 

·         Promoted overall improvement of teaching quality;

·         Innovated teaching methods and approaches to perfect quality control systems;

·         Combined teaching and research to optimize the talent nurturing system;

·         Strengthened joint training;

·         Published high-quality, influential, widely-used undergraduate textbooks such as Principles of Compiling, Computer Architecture, Software Engineering.

Department textbooks have won national and ministerial textbook awards, and are included in the 21st Century Courses and Textbooks of the MOE and the 11th Five Year National Planning Textbooks. The Department has been awarded the first prize for the National Teaching Achievement Award, conducts six National Benchmark Courses, including a winner and a nominee for the National 100 Best Doctoral Dissertations. 

The Department focuses on the needs of our military in informationization, particularly in the areas of command and training technical personnel. In this Department research is done in close connection with nurturing our students’ specific talents. Recently, the Department has strengthened its fundamental research and pre-research and improved its capacity for independent innovation. It has undertaken a series of advanced research projects. These projects include:

·         National Plan 973;

·         National 863 Plan;

·         National Natural Science Foundation;

·         Distinguished Young Scholar.

The Department has published a large number of high quality academic and research papers in national and international journals and conferences and developed key and advantageous research in the areas of:

·         Multi-core microprocessor architecture;

·         High-confidence software;

·         Onboard computing;

·         In-orbit processing and storage.


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